Monday, 9 May 2022

HexMag Series 2 Magazine Review

 HexMag is already well known as an American company supplying the demand for polymer magazines for the AR-15 and have now improved on their design. The first series of the HexMag worked well for most and now have increased the magazines capabilities with the Series 2 magazine. I’ve been using them for a little over a month and have experienced the improvements in the new design.

HexMag Series 2 Magazine Review: Specs and Features

The main change is the redesign of the feed lips on the magazine making it compatible with a lot of other platforms of rifles now besides the AR-15. This is a fantastic feature because you hear a lot of people with different systems such as the SCAR and Tavor having issues with some magazines either not feeding or accepting more standard magazines. Even a lot of AR-15’s have quirks with the type of magazine that works well in them (one of mine included).

The Series 2 HexMag is made from HexMag’s proprietary polymer that has always proved to be very reliable and robust. There are some good videos of torture tests of them and holding up just fine to abuse. I’ve put them under normal stress and they have not had any sort of issues in my personal use of them, which I expected because the same can be said for their Series 1 magazines.

Another new feature on the Series 2 mags is that they have a guide for use with a stripper clip for faster loading. Simply line up the stripper clip in the guide and push down and you can reload the magazine much quicker than by individual rounds. It is a smart and simple design and is proof the engineers at HexMag are thinking of options to make things easier.


If you like options for different colors of magazines as well they do offer a good variety of colors for you to choose from. They offer black, gray, OD green, and flat dark earth. This gives you some good choices depending on your environment.

The other cool option that HexMag has continued with their Series 2 magazine is their HexMag ID system. This allows the follower to be changed to different colors and has a color coded indicator on the bottom of the magazine so you can color code your different ammunitions and recognize which one is which very quickly and easily. For example my defensive ammunition is loaded with the zombie green follower and indicator so I can check the bottom of the magazine and see that those are the rounds for varmints of intruders and will not be launching green tips through my walls.

HexMag Series 2 Magazine Review: Use and Testing

Like I mentioned I have been using these magazines for over a month now and am extremely happy with them. I have one of each color and they have all performed without issue and all fit into my picky AR which is a great relief as the Series 1 magazine wouldn’t. So if you have a gun that is very finicky about the magazines it accepts try the Series 2 and more than likely your gun will work just fine.

As I said I have just put them through normal use (which has involved them being dropped on the ground) but I haven’t dropped them from an elevated position fully loaded onto concrete because you can cause anything to fail if you try hard enough and most of us won’t be dropping our magazines off cliff sides or out of buildings. That being said they are as sturdy as any other polymer mag I own and will certainly last longer than me. The design of the HexMag just appeals to me so I just like using them the most. They are instantly recognizable and stand out from the pile of other magazines I have.

HexMag Series 2 Magazine Review: Conclusion and Accessories

One of the best things about HexMag is the fact they address the problems of consumers. Essentially HexMag has not just been pumping out magazines and becoming stagnant they keep coming up with new accessories and modifications to improve their product and as a consumer is something I really appreciate. They also have amazing customer service and have always answered my questions in a very quick manner.

To go along with the HexMag ID system they also offer grip tape that is precut into hexagonal shapes to peel and stick inside the hexagon pattern on the magazine to offer more traction. It works well and so far I haven’t had any issues with the adhesive staying on. You can load up all the hexagon shapes or just put it in the areas with the most contact of your hand and it will work fine.

Overall HexMag did a great job on their second generation of their magazine and improved it to make it far more adaptable than most as well as reliable. These magazines sell for around $12 as of right now and can be found cheaper on sale or if bought in bulk. Check out their website to stay up to speed on what new stuff they will be offering as well as get more specs and information on the Series 2 magazine and their other accessories. Thanks for reading and check back for more content.


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